A Timely Historical Drama

Williamsburg, VA - December 29, 2020 / For the People, By the People / 1663 Media Arts, LLC seeks support for a very timely movie steeped in family, freedom and home with a twist of redemption.

Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale tells the "Adventures of a Farm Boy and His Dog Caught Up in the American Revolutionary War in the Struggle to Gain Independence for Family, Freedom and Home".

An Independent Production, they are raising funds through Individual Donations on the Crowdfunding Platform GIVE SEND GO. They are also entertaining Sponsors and Investors. Tax credit may be available through their Fiscal Sponsor.

The Producers have faced both censorship and suppression of the project on social media. Producer Andrea M Clarke shares as "a very frustrating David verses Goliath battle. Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale became a calling for me in January 2018. Ironically it is even more timely now, and the attacks we have endured only make us stronger and more determined to succeed.”

Clarke continues "Our vision is to unite people to enjoy a thought-provoking, inspirational movie that tells a little known story about the American Revolutionary War through the (harrowing) adventures of a 10-year-old farm boy. Leaving folks inspired to learn more about the truths surrounding the founding of our country and honor those who sacrificed for our rights to freedom."

The budget is $5.9 million. Pending securing funding, Clarke plans to begin filming early spring at Berkeley Plantation in Charles City Virginia.

https://givesendgo.com/ElijahandGeorgeMovie - Donation Page

http://ElijahandGeorge.com - Movie Website

http://1663MediaArts.com - Production Company

http://MichaelDooling.com - Author of Children's Book Movie is based on.

About the movie:

An impossible adventure begins when a young boy sneaks out of George Washington’s encampment on a frantic search for his father, a soldier who does not return from the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. Will the game of draughts (checkers) save the young boy’s life and get him home?

Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale is an adventurous, action-filled, at-times humorous, heartfelt story woven in the fabric of Family, Freedom, Home…with a twist of Redemption! A family-friendly Historical Drama, this inspirational story follows the American Revolution from Valley Forge through the 1778 Battle of Monmouth through the eyes of an 10-year-old farm-boy.

The movie is part love story and part American History; action, adventure, drama, some humorous moments and a battle scene! The story is uniting, bringing the audience into the characters struggles and triumphs in what they endure and overcome in the name of family, freedom and home.


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