Historical Drama Counters Attack on America's Freedoms

Movie Counters Attack on America’s Freedoms Richmond, VA., November 22, 2021 / Freedom in America is under fierce attack, now more than ever in the countries history. Instigators orchestrate psychological warfare through divisive rhetoric creating heightened unrest and violent protests in a concerted effort to demolish freedoms the people hold dear in the United States of America and around the world.

Censorship by social media giants and technology companies can set an equally dangerous precedence with violations of Freedom of Speech protections. It is not uncommon for those supporting American Principles or who go “against the narrative” to be silenced on these platforms. Producers for the Family Friendly Movie, Elijah and George – A Revolutionary Tale, http://ElijahandGeorge.com, have countered this "wave" of unprecedented censorship and attacks on personal liberties through an ambitious and timely inspirational, thought-provoking historical drama based on letters and diaries from the period.

Logline: An impossible adventure begins when a young boy sneaks out of General George Washington's encampment on a frantic search for his father, a 6th Pennsylvania Soldier who does not return from the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. Will the game of Draughts save the young boy's life and get him home?

The movie is based on the popular children’s book of the same name Elijah and George – A Revolutionary Tale by award winning Author and Illustrator Michael Dooling.

This character driven story follows a young boy who follows his Pa, a farmer who joins the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment during the Revolutionary War, after the British Horse Soldiers storm his farmhouse and tragedy ensues.

Producer, Director, Writer Andrea M Clarke shares, "The censorship and suppression of our project has been a very frustrating David verses Goliath type battle. The project became something of a calling for me in January 2018. Ironically it is even more timely now, and the attacks we have endured only make us stronger and more determined to succeed in uniting people through our movie.”

The backdrop for the movie follows the American Revolution from Valley Forge through the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. The movie is part love story and part American History; action, adventure, drama, some humorous moments and a battle scene! The movie is uniting, bringing the audience into the characters struggles and triumphs in what they endure and overcome in the name of faith, family, freedom and home.

While the movie's story is fictional, Clarke and her team have aimed for historical accuracy. The story highlights 120 characters and 600+ special extras, many based on actual persons, bringing a face to people from all walks of life, from around the world, who joined the fight for freedom. Oneida Indian Nation, Germans, French, African Americans, Irish, Rich and Poor, Merchants, Bankers and Dirt Farmers – “they put their differences aside to come together for one common goal – Freedom”.

An Independent Production, Metatron Productions is entertaining sponsors and investors.

A Give Send Go Crowfunding Page is set up to accept individual donations. The production is ready to go once production funds are received. Their goal is to film Spring 2022 with an early Fall 2022 release.