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National Stunt Dog Champion Cast as Lead Canine "Jack" in Family-Friendly Feature Film!

Rescue Pup Good Beasley has joined the cast of Elijah and George – A Revolutionary Tale as Elijah’s faithful dog “Jack”!

Handler Chrissy Joy adopted Beasley for a hiking companion and lifelong best buddy.  They named him, Beasley, which means “woodland” in old English.  She shares “We soon began training at Bone-A-Fied Talent Group where we found an instant skill set in trick training.”

Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale follows the adventures of a courageous 10-year-old farm-boy and his faithful dog as they encounter famous figures of the American Revolution on a frantic search for his father, a soldier in the 6th PA Regiment, who goes missing after the 1778 Battle of Monmouth.

Metatron Productions, LLC Producer Andrea M Clarke shares “We were looking for a very specific “18th Century” dog for the role of Jack. I instantly fell in love with Beasley! He has such a wonderful personality, Beasley feels like an instant lifelong friend. The role of Jack is very demanding and Good Beasley’s command of numerous tricks and his ease on set around other animals, sealed the deal!”

A Spokes-Pup for Anti-Bullying, Good Beasley and Chrissy Joy won a Telly Award for Best Cinematography. Out of hundreds of competitors, Good Beasley and Chrissy Joy won the 2018 National Stunt Dog Championship at Purina Farms!

Beasley, a Ibizan Hound Mix, thrives on stage, on film sets, TV, commercial and print! You may have seen him on the 2017-2019 Chewy commercials, Wawa, PetValu, Rachael Ray magazine, Modern Dog Magazine, US Weekly, NBC, ABC, FOX, DISNEY and more. Good Beasley’s most recent major film is as the lead “spy dog” in the movie Agent Toby Barks, by LIONSGATE, voice over by Jon Lovitz and released in 2020.

Chrissy Joy and Good Beasley’s motto is “Take Chance, Make Opportunities!” and shares “we are thrilled to be working with this historical and exciting heartfelt film, Elijah and George!”

Chrissy Joy – Handler

Bone-A-Fied Talent Group

Bone-A-Fied Talent Group works through highly accredited talent agencies to supply exceptionally trained dogs for film, TV, commercial, and print work. Their Professional Dog Trainers and Performers provide live performances, workshops, and demos at venues worldwide.

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