Mayflower, Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, Native Americans, Immigration, Anne Hutchinson!
Explore why the Mayflower Pilgrims immigrated to America and established Plimoth Colony in 1620. Fun and educational! Includes Write like a Pilgrim activity!

The Mayflower Pilgrims - A Fun Lesson Plan

  • Worksheets include: Characters, plot, setting, character traits, themes, cause/effect, conflict/resolution, response to text, and summarizing.
    Format: PDF Download; 25 Pages
    Based on an article about the voyage of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims who settled Plimoth Colony, this 25 page packet includes an article, ready to print student worksheets with answers, Plymouth Rock fact sheet, Pokanoket Wampanoag fact sheet, Origins of Thanksgiving fact sheet, Voyage of the Mayflower map, Mayflower Passenger List, Write like a Pilgrim Activity sheet, Vocabulary sheet, Extension Activities, Related Web Sites, and Teacher Instructions.
    A good resource for Elementary, Middle, and High School!


    Social Studies - History, Thanksgiving, Informational Text

    Grade Levels - 4th - 10th plus Homeschool and History Buffs!

    Resources:  Lesson Plans (Individual. Worksheets, Printables

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    REVIEW: This is a fantastic product and I am looking forward to using this to supplement my Thanksgiving unit. I love products like this that help make these topic come to life. Great Job!!

    A good resource for Elementary, Middle, and High School!