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Development on Elijah and George Historical Drama begain in January 2018. The script is locked and the proof of concept trailer has been released! We are ready to roll camera pending raising funds to complete preproduction tasks and for the feature film production. Our goal is to start filming early Spring 2021 - the filming location is ready to go!
As an Independent Production, we count on the support of individuals and organizations that appreciate quality family-friendly movies. Your contribution supports a very timely story steeped in FAMILY, FREEDOM AND HOME! #HistoryMatters

About the Movie

An impossible adventure begins when a young boy sneaks out of George Washington’s encampment on a frantic search for his father, a soldier who does not return from the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. Will the game of draughts (checkers) save the young boy’s life and get him home?

The Movie Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale is an adventurous, action-filled, at-times humorous, heartfelt story woven in the fabric of Family, Freedom, Home…with a twist of Redemption!  A family-friendly Historical Drama, the story follows the American Revolution from Valley Forge through the 1778 Battle of Monmouth through the eyes of an 10-year-old farm-boy.

The movie is part love story and part American History;  action, adventure, drama, some humorous moments and a battle scene! The story is uniting, bringing the audience into the characters struggles and triumphs in what they endure and overcome in the name of family, freedom and home.

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that Inspired the Movie!
For AGES 9 - ADULT - A Beautifully Illustrated Story Based on Diaries and Letters
from the Period. 
The story of Elijah and George chronicles the adventures of an 10-year-old farm-boy caught up during the American Revolutionary War in the struggle to regain Independence for
Family, Freedom and Home!

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Vetted Investors - Please ask your SEC licensed representative to contact us to schedule an initial meeting. The Production Budget - $5.9 Million. 

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Contact Andrea M Clarke, Producer, for details on how you can support our most timely historical drama! 

NOTICE: We are doing everything in our power to make our movie. However, please note: Filmmaking is fraught with uncertainty and there is no guarantee, express or implied, that the Filmmaker’s efforts to get the Film into production will succeed.

Special notice: We are an Independent movie production.  A Health and Wellness Director is attached to our production to develop Best Practices and oversee the health, wellness and safety protocols for cast and crew. Common sense and personal responsibility are equally important. We will recognize "Laws" on the State and Federal level that may be in place at the time of filming. #WeShallPrevail #Freedom

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